INFINITE NUMBERS, 1988, acrylic, vermiculite, polymer resin on canvas, 48" x  48"
Exhibited; Masters of the Masters, Butler Institute of Art, Youngstown, OH, 1999


 STORY OF THE EYE, 1988, acrylic ,metallic paint, mica, polymer on canvas, 38" x 115"   Enlarge Image

Review; SOLO Exhibition, Acquavella Galleries, NEW YORK TIMES, March 16, 1984, LINK
Review; SOLO Exhibition, Stephen Rosenberg Gallery, NEW YORK TIMES, April 1, 1988, LINK
Article; SOLO Exhibition, ARTS MAGAZINE 1988, LINK


THE GRAND INQUISITOR, 1988,, acrylic, mica on canvas, 75" x  90", Private Collection, Barcelona, Spain

Review; SOLO Exhibition, ART NEW ENGLAND December 1989/January 1990, LINK


 ALCHEMY, 1989, acrylic, metallic paint, polymer resin, mica, sand on canvas, 48" diameter 


SECRET DOCTRINE, 1985, acrylic, mica on canvas, 48" x  108", Private Collection, NY


DEGREES OF LIGHT  (for Lorca ) 1989, acrylic, polymer, mica on canvas, 60" x  126"


FROM THE CAVE, 1987, acrylic, polymer resin, mica, collage on canvas, 72" x 94"


Ms. MODERNISMO. 1987, acrylic, metallic paint on Guarra paper, 20" x 30"


Early 1980's


Amora, 1981, acrylic, poured pigment, gesso, broom swept rhoplex on canvas, 72" x 48"


Ptarmigan, 1982, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 91" x 60", Permanent Collection: Alberta Museum of Art, Edmonton, Canada


Dr.Jekyll, 1982, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 72" x 52", Private Collection

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Lafcadio, 1982, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 78" x 43", Private collection


Fata Morgana, 1983, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 99" x 65", Permanent Coll: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC

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Fire and Ice, Story Of The Eye, 1984, acrylic, poured pigment,  broom swept rhoplex on canvas, 55" x 72", Private Collection, Boston MA


Rasputin, 1982, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 84" x 120", Permanent Collection: Etherington Arts Centre, Queen's University,  Ontario, Canada


Io, New Findings Inside, 1985, acrylic, iridescent pigment, rhoplex on canvas, 60" x 156"'



Stonehenge Series #8, 1981, acrylic paint on handmade paper, 26" x 21"
Collection: MoMA, New York


Gaijen, 1982, Dry pigment , acrylic polymer on handmade paper, 20" x 26"