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ON A WIRE, 1994, oil, acrylic, mica, resin,  photo transfer on canvas, 60" x 48"
SOLO Exhibition: The Skin Room,  the Jersey City Museum, 1995-1996 ,  
Review; NEW YORK TIMES, January 21, 1996, LINK
Review; ART IN AMERICA, June, 1996, LINK
Article; Museum News, 1995, LINK


Studio, New York,  1992


GLASS VOLCANO, 1994, oil, acrylic, mica, sand, photo transfer on canvas, 61" x  43", Private Coll. Portland, OR

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INFINITE MIRROR, 1994, acrylic, mica, photo transfer, objects on canvas, 30" x 30"


SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF, 1994-95, acrylic, photo transfer, paint skins on canvas,  30"x30"


 BASHŌ , 1994-1995, oil, acrylic, mica on canvas, 84" X 65" Private Collection, Los Angelos


LAO-TZU and Mt. FUJI, 1998, acrylic, polymer resin, objects, photo transfer on canvas, 30"x 30" 


DIRT, 1994-95, acrylic, polymer resin, photo transfer, paint skins, sand, electrical tape on canvas, 30" x 30" , Private Coll. Boston, MA


NUNNISH DIVER, 1994-95, acrylic, polymer resin, photo transfer, paint skins, beads on canvas, 21" x 36" x3"


GEORGE SAND WHIRLWIND , 1992, acrylic, mica, sand ,polymer, collage on canvas, 60" x 80"


WHITE SPLASH, 1996, acrylic, polymer resin, sand, objects, photo transfer on canvas, 30" x 30"


TWO MARYS: Wollstonecraft and Shelley, 1993, acrylic, polymer resin, mica, collage on canvas, 72" x 72" 


NO TITLE, 1992, acrylic, collage, polymer on canvas, 26" x 27"


UP IN SMOKE, 1992, acrylic, collage, polymer on canvas, 22" x 51", Private Collection,  Connecticut


DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES, 1992, acrylic, collage, polymer on canvas, 33"x 68"  Enlarge


THE SKIN ROOM, 1996, oil, acrylic, paint skins, sand, photo transfer on canvas, 36" x 72"