INFINITE NUMBERS, 1988, acrylic, vermiculite, polymer resin on canvas, 48" x  48"
Exhibited; Masters of the Masters, Butler Institute of Art, Youngstown, OH, 1999


 STORY OF THE EYE, 1988, acrylic ,metallic paint, mica, polymer on canvas, 38" x 115"   Enlarge Image

Review; SOLO Exhibition, Acquavella Galleries, NEW YORK TIMES, March 16, 1984, LINK
Review; SOLO Exhibition, Stephen Rosenberg Gallery, NEW YORK TIMES, April 1, 1988, LINK
Article; SOLO Exhibition, ARTS MAGAZINE 1988, LINK


THE GRAND INQUISITOR, 1988,, acrylic, mica on canvas, 75" x  90", Private Collection, Barcelona, Spain

Review; SOLO Exhibition, ART NEW ENGLAND December 1989/January 1990, LINK


 ALCHEMY, 1989, acrylic, metallic paint, polymer resin, mica, sand on canvas, 48" diameter 


SECRET DOCTRINE, 1985, acrylic, mica on canvas, 48" x  108", Private Collection, NY


DEGREES OF LIGHT  (for Lorca ) 1989, acrylic, polymer, mica on canvas, 60" x  126"


FROM THE CAVE, 1987, acrylic, polymer resin, mica, collage on canvas, 72" x 94"


Ms. MODERNISMO. 1987, acrylic, metallic paint on Guarra paper, 20" x 30"


Early 1980's


Amora, 1981, acrylic, poured pigment, gesso, broom swept rhoplex on canvas, 72" x 48"


Ptarmigan, 1982, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 91" x 60", Permanent Collection: Alberta Museum of Art, Edmonton, Canada


Dr.Jekyll, 1982, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 72" x 52", Private Collection

" web.jpg

Lafcadio, 1982, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 78" x 43", Private collection


Fata Morgana, 1983, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 99" x 65", Permanent Coll: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC. solo exhibition, Acquavella Contemporary Art, 1981

" website.jpg

Fire and Ice, Story Of The Eye, 1984, acrylic, poured pigment,  broom swept rhoplex on canvas, 55" x 72", Private Collection, Boston MA


Rasputin, 1982, acrylic and rhoplex on canvas, 84" x 120", Permanent Collection: Etherington Arts Centre, Queen's University,  Ontario, Canada


Io, New Findings Inside, 1985, acrylic, iridescent pigment, rhoplex on canvas, 60" x 156"'



Stonehenge Series #8, 1981, acrylic paint on handmade paper, 26" x 21"
Collection: MoMA, New York solo exhibition Acquavella Contemporary Art, 1981


Scholars Rock, Gaijen 1982, Dry pigment , acrylic polymer on handmade paper, 20" x 26"


oil on paper, 1983 , murau, Austria ,  coll gift of C Greenberg to Portland art museeum2001_92_15website.jpeg

STANDING STONE,SCHOLARS ROCK  1983, oil on paper, 40" x 30", Collection: Portland Art Museum, OR , Clement Greenberg Collection

Queenof the

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, 1981, acrylic on cavas, 60" x 85", Exhibited: Expanding Abstraction, 2017Collection DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Boston, MA

 THE BOSTON GLOBE, April 13, 2017



Susan 83.jpg

left to right, Susan Denker, Sandi Slone with School of the Museum of Fine Arts students, Karen Gilman, Jilaine Jones, Jill Nathanson, Kyle Gallup, Boston Cyclorama, 1983

Fig 11C Gina, Sandi, MM at Triangle 1983.WEB.jpeg

Gina Medcalf, Sandi Slone, and Mali Morris at Triangle Artists Workshop, Pine Plains, New York, NY, Summer 1983